Aerial Tours

Reaching new heights with aerial drone videos

With the latest aerial technology, 3D Media Plus captures footage that rises above the competition.

Video and Photography Shot by Drones Offer Expansive Views

Our drone tours showcase the dramatic details and rich imagery of your property. They provide an expansive, birds-eye-view that adds interest and prestige to any listing or establishment, both large and small.

Engage a prospective buyer or visitor by showing them the layout of the land, revealing the condition of the roof, and highlighting proximity to landmarks. Drone tours offer a level of transparency that can’t be achieved with photographs alone.

Are you a construction company or builder? Consider using drone footage to keep tabs on your project and share progress with clients to help with the decision-making process. The more you can show them, the better they will feel about working with you.

Our aerial – or drone – tours allow prospects to view a property through multiple perspectives, and from a variety of angles, including wide-angle and close-up footage.

All of our drone pilots are FAA-approved, which means we understand the regulations and procedures for safely flying drones.

Let Prospects Explore Your Property From a New Perspective

Add to the buyer’s experience by highlighting the positive aspects of your property from the sky. In the past, the only way for clients to get an aerial view would be to fly over it in a helicopter. With aerial footage, you can let them explore a property and its surroundings online from the comfort of their home.  

By investing in aerial video and photography, you will make an impact by telling a visual story that will set you apart from the competition. By showing clients and potential visitors the whole picture, you’ll increase interest, traffic, and sales. It’s an investment that provides value and returns on your marketing dollars.

By leveraging this technology, you’re giving your clients what they want and are searching for. No matter your industry, offering an aerial video makes it easier to grab – and keep – your audience’s attention.

Drone tours allow for breathtaking visuals, shots, and camera paths that are only achievable with modern technology. Wide-angle views accentuate layouts, traffic flow patterns, and other features, while closer shots highlight details that might not be visible to those on the ground.

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Using 3D photography and virtual tours, 3D Media Plus creates professional, customized walkthroughs to promote your property and help others visualize the space. We have a wide reach with our drone and 3D virtual tours available to clients in St. Louis, Nashville, and Tampa. To learn more about our services and technology, and to schedule your consultation, contact our team at (314) 630-2702.

Take to the Sky with Aerial Technology

With aerial drone videos, the possibilities for promoting your property are endless. As an FAA-certified operator, 3D Media Plus provides users with a captivating and visually engaging experience unlike any other.

At 3D Media Plus, we create innovative, breathtaking visuals that surpass the capabilities of traditional photography and highlight the key features of your listing from a birdlike perspective. 

Regardless of your industry, our state-of-the-art aerial videos will bring your listing to life. 

Real Estate

Let clients view your commercial and residential properties from multiple viewpoints.


Document building progress through aerial drone imagery.

Insurance Records

Replace hundreds of photos with in-depth aerial shots for filing insurance claims. 

Sports & Entertainment

Use aerial videos to showcase seats in your theater or stadium to help visitors choose where to sit to watch the performance and action.