3D Virtual Tours

Unleash the potential of your property

We create customized, interactive experiences that elevate marketing efforts and bring your listing to life.

Maximize Client Engagement with 3D Photography & Virtual Tours

When you offer clients – and prospective customers – a virtual 3D tour, you let them explore the details of your property that cannot be captured by still photography.

With realistic, virtual 3D photography, 3D Media Plus creates professional, interactive walkthroughs that elevate brand awareness and business growth across multiple industries.

By using the Matterport technology, we deliver a visual display that empowers potential customers and allows them to engage with your property online, at their convenience, and from any electronic device.

In less than a day, the Matterport system captures footage, collects measurements, and processes data to create, edit, and display a picturesque 3D rendering of your property, down to the last detail.

By the end of their walkthrough, clients will have the information they need to make a decision, without stepping a foot through the front door.

Shorten the Sales Cycle

In a competitive market, it can be difficult to stand out. Traditional photography may capture the basic features and layout of your venue, but 3D photography goes a step further.

We also create tours and reduce the number of physical showings with unmotivated prospects, which allows for greater exposure of your venue and better use of your time.

Utilizing 3D photography, 3D Media Plus gives customers what they want online – the ability to virtually step into a space and explore your listing, from anywhere in the world.

With aerial drone videos and Matterport technology, 3D Media Plus also develops interactive 3D virtual tours that are compatible across multiple platforms.

Now, business professionals do not need to worry about scheduling multiple in-person tours or spending time with unmotivated prospects. Instead, they can save both time and money, and focus on marketing venues and generating leads through virtual open houses, which are open to potential clients 24/7.

Our team of experts can answer any questions you may have and provide an estimate over the phone. Plus, we’ve created 3D virtual tours in St. Louis, Nashville, and Tampa. Contact 3D Media Plus for a quote today.

What a 3D Virtual Tour Looks Like

One 3D Model, Many Perspectives

Dollhouse View

Use dollhouse view to see the whole property all at once.

Inside View

 Switch to Inside View for an interactive walkthrough experience – like your actually there.

Floor Plan View

 Floor plan gives a birds-eye perspective of the property.

Virtual Walk Throughs

  • Create guided tours to show off a space.
  • Give your virtual visitors a lean-back experience and highlight features.

Mattertags: In-Model Feature Tags

  • Provide information about features in your space.
  • Anchors text descriptions to specific physical locations.
  • Ability to add media including photo, video, links to websites, articles, etc.

2D Schematic Floor Plans

  • Professional black-and-white floor plans.
  • Each floor separately in PNG format, and all floors together in one page PDF.
  • Includes individual room labels and measurements.
  • Our virtual tour provides 3D measurements of your space with 99% accuracy.

Still Photos

Download unlimited HDR photos from any angle in your 3d tour.

Virtual Staging

We use 3D computer software to place beautiful home
furnishings into the 3D tours of vacant residential and commercial
properties.  Help potential visitors visualize the potential of the space and
significantly boost property appeal.

Google Street View

Fully leverage your 3D Virtual Tour by publishing to Google Street View and, by extension, to Google Search and Google Maps.


Reports on Virtual Tours include number of views and number of unique visitors.


The Matterpack contains OBJ files for Autodesk Revit and is compatible with Xactimate.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Using 3D photography and virtual tours, 3D Media Plus creates professional, customized walkthroughs to promote your property and help others visualize the space. To learn more about our services and technology, and to schedule your consultation, contact our team at (314) 630-2702.

Manage Your Business with 3D Tours

Unlike traditional photography, 3D photography makes capturing, creating, and distributing beautiful, interactive 3D tours accessible and affordable.

With a single scan, 3D Media Plus provides you with a collection of digital assets to run your business, generate leads, and bring your listing to life. Our interactive virtual tours increase your social media efforts and online presence, converting site visitors into engaged, qualified prospects with one click.

Our state-of-the-art 3D models are also ideal for long-term facility management and property documentation. Small business owners, real estate brokers, and architects can use 3D tours to gather analytics, take measurements, order floor plans, capture still photos, and share content with stakeholders.


Save time and money by communicating virtually with customers and stakeholders by providing 24/7 access for remote sharing.


With 3D scans and models, you can document and monitor property conditions.


Drive traffic, attract customers, and amplify social media efforts with Matterport technology.


Oversee the marketing and management of your listing in a single online space.