Educate applicants with a virtual experience

Let prospective students and parents take a virtual tour of your campus from anywhere in the world.

School & University Virtual 3D Tours

According to research by Strategic Enrollment Management, campus tours play a significant role in student recruitment. However, getting prospective students to visit the campus is the first hurdle.

With so many options, students and parents have increasingly relied on technology to narrow down their choices.

Virtual 3D tours are key to helping prospects decide whether or not your campus makes it to their short list. As more and more institutions adopt this technology, it will be easy for prospects to rule out a school or university just by the absence of a virtual tour.

Through virtual 3D tours, your school can connect with students before they arrive on campus.

With immersive, interactive walkthroughs from 3D Media Plus, students can tour various parts of the school, including lecture halls, dormitories, libraries, and gymnasiums.

By touring the school online, they will be prepared for the first day of class and feel more confident in their decision to attend your institution – plus, they may not get lost on their way to their first morning lecture. 

Virtual 3D tours are also an excellent resource for administrative boards, who may be responsible for documenting the campus, its buildings, and other important contents.

They can monitor inventory and room configurations, and plan for safety and security measures. They can also prepare mileage increase reports and renovation projects to share with stakeholders and other people of interest. 

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Using 3D photography and virtual tours, 3D Media Plus creates professional, customized walkthroughs to promote your property. Using Matterport technology and more, we’ve helped clients from St. Louis to Tampa help others visualize and tour their spaces remotely. To learn more about our services and technology, and to schedule your consultation, contact our team at (636) 352-4552.

3D Virtual Tours for Students & Parents

With virtual 3D tours, students can connect with your school or university before they step foot onto your campus. 3D Media Plus creates virtual experiences pupils will remember for years to come. 

When choosing an educational institution, a virtual 3D tour may be the most important factor in an applicant’s decision. 

Through 3D walkthroughs, a prospective student can view educational facilities from websites they frequent often, including social media platforms. 

Lecture Halls

Let future students tour classrooms before the first day of class. 


Give applicants the chance to see where they will live on your campus. 

Fitness Centers

Allow students to tour the gymnasium and other fitness facilities. 


Give applicants a sneak peek of where they will have late-night study sessions. 

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