Insurance Records

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Provide 24/7 access to physical assets

Our 3D virtual tours allow viewers to virtually archive and document property conditions for insurance claims.

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Insurance Records Tours

Filing paperwork for insurance purposes can be complicated for your business or family, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

3D Media Plus offers virtual walkthroughs of existing properties for insurance documentation and record-keeping purposes.

3D insurance virtual tours utilize 3D documentation, so you can add simple edits and annotations to walkthroughs.

The model can be shared with multiple people, which may include adjusters, stakeholders, family members and other people of interest.

With 3D insurance virtual tours, 3D scanning allows for an accurate representation that lets adjusters virtually tour your property online, thus eliminating the need for multiple photos, documents, and paperwork with a single web page.

The web page allows for complete, efficient communication and long-term record keeping. With one destination for your insurance records needs, you can access the information at any time, from anywhere in the world. 

3D insurance virtual tours replace the need for thousands of photos and documents and allows for accurate measurements of room dimensions and contents.

The space is annotated by embedding unlimited documents, product descriptions, receipts, videos, external links, and other information, to efficiently record details, convey potential loss data, and encourage remote communication.

The unique platform leaves little to no room for inaccuracies and saves time and money during a stressful time when you need to submit documentation to an insurance company or adjustor. 

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Using 3D photography and virtual tours, 3D Media Plus creates professional, customized walkthroughs to promote your property and help others visualize the space. Our virtual 3D tours have helped clients in the greater St. Louis area, Nashville, Tampa, and beyond. To learn more about our services and technology, and to schedule your consultation, contact our team at (636) 352-4552.

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Virtual Tours for Your Insurance Claims

Documentation is important for filing insurance claims, but piles of paperwork and photographs can be stressful and unnecessary. 

With 3D insurance virtual tours, adjusters, family members and stakeholders can record, annotate and communicate remotely, replacing the need for hundreds of photos and documents. 

Now, restoration companies and adjusters can virtually archive and document property contents and inventory, from anywhere in the world. 


Share with stakeholders for 24/7 access to site conditions and important files. 


Monitor your facility and file insurance claims remotely. 


Save important documents and photos to a walkthrough so they are accessible for years to come. 


Communicate with stakeholders, adjusters and anyone else from anywhere in the world. 

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