Engage stakeholders and clients with virtual tours

3D Media Plus creates industrial virtual tours for facility management, new employee orientation, and more.

Industrial Facility Virtual Tours

3D Media Plus creates industrial virtual tours for all types of facilities, including factories, plants, and laboratories. 

Through industrial virtual tours, people can visit a facility at any time, from any location, which can prove beneficial when attempting to attract potential clients, stakeholders, and future employees.

With a customized step-by-step walk through of a production facility and its features, industrial virtual tours allow for remote communication and management. 

Industrial virtual tours can be used for safety and security planning, facility management, and new employee orientation.

They can also be used as archives for insurance records and inventory documentation, thus eliminating the need for piles of paperwork and photos, which can be difficult to organize, and take up valuable time and space.

Furthermore, they are beneficial when communicating with others outside the company, such as technicians or contractors, as they are easy to share. 

If there are issues with equipment, technicians can tour the production facility online so they can pinpoint specific machines and equipment that may require repairs.

If a contractor is planning a renovation, they can tour the facility online to assess everything and finalize important decisions, such as design and layout. They can also add annotations, so others can be updated or add important project notes themselves. 

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Using 3D photography and virtual tours, 3D Media Plus creates professional, customized walkthroughs to promote your property. We’ve used Matterport technology to help clients in St. Louis, Nashville, Tampa, and beyond to help others visualize their spaces. To learn more about our services and technology, and to schedule your consultation, contact our team at (636) 352-4552.

3D Interactive Models for Factories

3D Media Plus provides 3D virtual tours for any factory, plant or laboratory to use for site tours, long-term facility management, new employee orientation, safety and security planning, insurance documentation, and more.

Our revolutionary walkthroughs allow potential clients, employees and stakeholders to plan, design, construct, and manage facilities from any remote location. 

With industrial virtual tours, you can provide clients and employees with a real-world representation of your factory. 

Facility Management

Share your 3D walkthroughs with stakeholders and associates for 24/7 access and management. 

Employee Orientation

Let new employees tour and learn about your facility before their first day on the job. 

Insurance Records

Document important assets and eliminate the need for thousands of photos. 

Renovation & Design

Share 3D models with contractors so they can make remote decisions regarding design. 

We are the premier provider of Matterport and aerial drone technology in the Greater St. Louis area and beyond.



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